About us

Our aim is to represent Armenia worldwide, a country of numerous historic monuments, high mountains, volcanic craters, wild nature, ancient legends, respected traditions and hospitable people. The company’s hard and resistant work gave its positive results in promoting the Armenian Tour Product as an interesting and tempting destination for traveling into the International Market.

The Cultural Department realizes different “Discovery Tours” such as Silk Road tours and pilgrimages throughout the first Christian country. Our Joint tours are organized to give visitors nice opportunity not only to discover the peculiarities of this sacred land but also get acquainted with the lifeway of neighboring Artsakh, Georgia, and Iran. Scientific tours - architectural, historical, ethnographical, archaeological seminars and programs for scientists, geologists, studio groups are designed to enable all the enthusiasts to explore new experience and knowledge. Our company also organizes different kinds of nature and bird-watching tours for those people who are bird, wild animal and mountain landscape admirers. In spite of Armenia’s small size its birds are highly diverse, nearly 346 species. 

The Adventure Department offers multiple camping and hiking programs. Visitors will have a nice chance to conquer new peaks and visions, explore unspoiled paths of wild nature, climb Mt Aragats-the highest peak in Armenia (4095 m) with one of the fascinating volcanic craters in the world, see ancient fortresses, temples and monasteries, hidden far in the mountains, primitive settlements, surrounded by green valleys and huge abysses, meet amicable people living in traditional and cave villages and just discover the historically rich cultural & spiritual treasures of Armenia.

Besides all the above mentioned, we also organize Multi Sport such as “VTT”- many days lasting mountain bike tours, canoeing, etc. Different kinds of winter activities, the most interesting among which are ski alpinism, ski randonée and snowboarding add some more charm to our tours.

The team consists of competent multilingual guide-interpreters, professional instructors on alpinism and rock climbing, camping and hiking/trekking guides as well as qualified drivers, professional cooks and assistants. 

The services provided by our company do satisfy the most demanding criteria for Reliability, Quality and Efficiency. Our programs are designed to give the visitor the complete picture of Armenia.